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Angola vs Algeria – Luanda Stadium – COCAN 2010

I went to see a COCAN 2010 match LIVE! 🙂


Luanda Stadium, in all its glory! It IS a stunning stadium!

We got tickets to see the last match of Group A, Angola vs Algeria in the Luanda Stadium. It was a big match for both as they both required a win to go through to the Quarter Finals. However, Angola had the upper-hand going into the match in that they only required a draw to secure their place.

The tickets cost us 2000Kz a piece, yip 2000Kz (R200), even though the price on the ticket only reads 250Kz. Talk about taking the piss, but that is what happens when you get tickets like 1 day before the game.

image001 image003

image005 image004

A few pics: Tickets, and the Stadium

We only arrived in time for the Second Half as it took us 2h30 to get there through the traffic, and afterwards another 2 hours to get back home. A knock on effect of the traffic chaos caused by declaring a National Public Holiday for Luanda at like 08h that morning. The entire city – literally the entire city – was gridlocked from 11h30. One of my colleagues took 5 hours to go less than 12 kms in the car! Insane.


I had to include this one of the Toilet. All in Marble!


This is the Support Structure of the Stadium outside. Quite an amazing view!

It was a very lack-lustre second half I will admit. Angola maintained possession for about 80% of the half, yet only spent about 40% in the Algerian’s half. Plus, every time Algeria got they ball, they almost scored. Angola were definitely told to keep the ball and play it safe, which was disappointing after such an eye-opening first match. They will definitely have to up their game if they wish to get through the Quarter Finals.

However, one thing I can say is that it is amazing to see how the Angolans are arising to the occasion and backing their home team. Truly great stuff. Talk about National Pride!

Go Angola Go! 🙂

My Video of the Stadium

Apologies for the poor quality of pics and video, but that is what you get when you use a Nokia E71 as your camera! 😮



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