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What not cutting your hair for a whole year actually looks like

So on the 1st February 2020 I had a hair cut and then went out on the town that night. It was certainly an eventful night. 😁

Shortly thereafter, the world went into Pandemic mode!

Being one who usually sports a razor sharp “comb-over” (literally Zero on the electric razor) on the left side of my head (to the constant dismay of senior management), it was unusual for me to have much head hair growth at all. However, after three months of lockdown and whilst on a Chime call with colleagues, a comment was passed that: “Wow, your hair is getting long!”.

To which I nonchalantly replied: “I’ll cut it when I have to go back to the office!”

365 days later (since I cut my hair), here are the effects …

Yup, that’s a wry smile that
Even Yoda looks surprised
OMG … I have a Man Bun AND a Mullet!


Loving Living Life!