UNISA: Programme in Business “Damagement”

UNISA, hmmm, I was trying to think of a funny acronym for it, something along the lines of “u know you should have studied harder”, but it doesn’t quite work out that way, not in Afrikaans either, although I am sure there might be a way to get somehting out if in one of the other official 9 languages, English and Afrikaans aside ofcourse. Probably something along the lines of “U Neva Included Studying Afterhours!!!” Hey actually that works pretty well for English too!!! 🙂 And that actually pretty much sums up what UNISA is all about!! Well, in my case, “U Neva Included Studying All night”

Well, onto my marks . . .

They were okay considering . . . that I crammed for all 3 exams at the last minute!! And that is entirely my fault. I admit that one. Well, I am miffed that I got the answers to the Accounting Assignment 3 days after we had written the bloody exam, which was one month after we had submitted the assignment. What really pissed me off was the the answers to the assignment were so good that I could actually have passed the exam if I had received the answers like a week before the exam, which is when we were supposed to get them!!

Anyway, here you are . . . LYAO “”Laugh Your Asses Off”

Course Final Mark        Result
PPBM01R     056                 Passed
PPBM02S     063                 Passed
PPBM03T     028                 Failed

Bummed!! 🙁 Well, I guess I’ll have to do accounting again next year. Man, what a bitch that was!! No more fucking around Mr Morkel!!



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2 thoughts on “UNISA: Programme in Business “Damagement”

  1. carmin

    Hello there,
    I hope your studies have gone well so far. Do you perhaps have a past paper for Management Principles ppbm01r or advice on the module?

    Much appreciated

    1. admin Post author

      Hey Carmin

      I actually never finished the course due to other commitments and work pressures. I did however do that that module. The material I had at the time was sufficient to enable me to complete the course. No papers sorry.

      Good luck.


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