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360 Days!

Yeah, that is how long it has been since my last post! Man, WTF??? I can’t believe it.

So, wow, what an age. That’s like just short of a year. Time has literally flown by!

I’ve just logged back into my site for the first time in ages, don’t tell anyone but I even had to look my password up as I had forgotten it, seen that I have a host of comments that for some unknown reason I hadn’t been informed of, got a ton of admin and housekeeping to do to get things shipshape again and sort out the back-end details of a few things, and perform a WAY OVERDUE upgrade of the platform. Welcome back to the admin side of running your own site! 🙁

Okay, so let’s see . . . what has happened in the time I’ve been quite? Well, quite a lot actually. I’ll be updating the site fairly regularly now over the next few weeks – hopefully, and for an indeterminate time thereafter as things go. I’ll be covering the main reason I went quiet, the time in between, various adventures, holidays, mishaps, and life in Angola in general.

YES – I’m STILL in Angola!

I’ll also fill you in on a couple of my achievements and accomplishments, and of course a couple of missed goals and targets. Come on, we’ve all got them.

I’ll fill you in on the exciting Work Permit Pandemonium (ordeal) that I recently went through, the entertaining story of ordering “stuff” from the states, keeping you all up to date with my fitness trial-by-fire journey to “Once Again” get and keep fit. I’ll be uploading my running profiles – techie at heart coming to the fore 🙂 – using my Garmin Forerunner 405 that keeps a GPS log of my route and heart rate, and share my efforts and emotions along the way. As always, I’ll keep it honest, entertaining, probably not very clean, and most of all . . . I’ll Keep IT Tidy!! 🙂

So sit back, relax, and get ready to be able to blame the lost hours at work to something other than procrastination. 🙂


Easy Going Guy 😉

Loving Living Life!

(back from beyond)