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82 Days . . . Let’s Do IT – Luanda

So, I am back. Have been for just over a week now. I am blogging again too, as my WordPress is fully working again now. Thanks Andre! 🙂

What did he do to fix it??

(11:08:06 AM) Andre: try it
(11:09:00 AM) Nunnsby: busy trying . . . angolan telecoms f*cked, so net access tempermental
(11:09:13 AM) Nunnsby: ahhh, u biscuit!!
(11:09:15 AM) Nunnsby: so what was wrong?
(11:09:21 AM) Andre: erm
(11:09:25 AM) Andre: very good question
(11:09:28 AM) Andre: i have no idea
(11:09:28 AM) Nunnsby: yeah?
(11:09:33 AM) Nunnsby: so, what you do?
(11:09:49 AM) Andre: i tweaked and touched a few things but i’m not sure what actually made it work

Gotta love mates in the know! Well, all I know is that it is now working fine and that is cool.

So, I am now in country for 82 days. Why 82 days?? well that was always part of the deal. In fact 90 days at a time was part of the deal. Discovery Health cover us out of the country for up to 90 days, so we return to South Africa every 90 days to make sure our Discovery cover doesn’t fall by the way. Also gives the guys a bit of time back with their families and loved ones. which you definitely need after having worked anywhere in Africa for any period of time.

But you said 82 days, not 90. Well, I have a wedding on the 15th November. Alan’s. And as he is Technical Services Director – I think – I don’t quite see anyone giving me grief about heading home a week early for that. So I will be heading home on Fri the 14th November. A big night at Oblivion that night that is for sure. 🙂

So, I’m up for 82 days, and that gives me plenty of time to get my blogging fingers back in action and write down all the usual stuff that is keeping me occupied. And plenty on things on the go this time around: Elections, Offshore to the Sedco Express, Torres Atlantico Project, House renovations, etc, etc, etc.

Pictures to follow soon.



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