Public Transport: WineBeg – Mowbray – Kep Teown

Well, ek is sonder motor vandag, as my car se voor linker wiel is mos heel stukkend. Dit maak a nie so good nie “klunk” elke keer as ek ‘n 3-punt-draai maak. En elke keer as ek oor ‘n gat in die pad of ‘n “speedbump” klap, dan “klunk” dit ook. Die ouen het gese ek moet my groot calculator uithaal!! Oi!!

So, there I was, no vehicle, and having to public it this morning from Wynberg. Well, like a right toss I let a Golden Arrow Bus, heading to Cape Town go past me, thinking . . .

“I’ll take a taxi”, but the taxi’s only go to Cape Town from Wynberg Station, just outside Maynard Mall actually, and I was literally at Plumstead. This I should have known however, as the same thing happened to me last time I had to take my car in. 🙁 Idiot!

Anyway, it was an entertaining ride, for R4.50 from Wynberg to Newlands Spur, the price went up on the 1st of Nov 2007, I think it used to be either R3.50, or R4.00. As per usual I was the only whitey on board, but a white chick did also get on at Kenilworth. We lost like 90% of the passengers at Claremont, as they all bailed out at the “A C Kermans” drop off.

I was then listening to the driver try explain to 2 ladies in the front where Camp Ground Road was, and how they could get to their destination, but he wasn’t really doing a very good job of it, as he didn’t really seem to have a clue about it. Then, it was my stop. Well, that was painless, and suprisingly safe. No banging bass, or smelly people this time, which was just great.

Looks like I’ll be using it to get home too I guess! 😮



Easy Going Guy