The Wild West (follow up)

Well the rest of the night was peaceful and relaxed, and we only got sleep well after 03h as we had been watch Top Secret, a little light humour to help improve the mood I thought.

So there were definitely a few questions left regarding what had happened, and I wanted to try and find out the answers. So, I ventured round to the house to have a chat with the students Fri afternoon, the next day after the incident and noticed a whole lot of balloons at the house. They were obviously having a party. I then suddenly remembered that the Dutch girl, Charlottte, who was involved, was writing an exam that morning. Oi Vey! Tough call huh? Having to write an exam the morning after being involved in a robbery in your own home!

I was welcomed into the house and discovered they were having a braai and celebrating Charlotte’s finishing, and another dude’s birthday. I was offered drinks and invited to stay. Cool, why the hell not. I didn’t exactly have any other plans! 🙂

So, through a few questions I managed to get the following answers:

1) How the hell had he gotten in next door? Well, it appears that he had climbed over the front gate, it isn’t that imposing, and then had jumped over the second fence next to the front door to get access to the property.

2) What had actually happened in the house? It appears he had actually spent quite a while in the house. Around 20 mins or so. Weird man. He had entered through the back door, obviously after seeing a few students watching tv on the couch, with the door closed. He then went upstairs as Charlotte heard him on the stairs, and he must have spent sometime on the landing as they found 2 cigarettes on the floor outside the toilet. He then tried one of the doors, but the student was asleep inside and had for the first time ever locked the door. Lucky him. He then made his way back down and entered Charlotte and Nicole’s room. Charlotte heard the door open and rolled over thinking it was Nicole. She then saw him with the knife between his teeth, obviously so he could rummage through bags etc. She wasn’t sure what to do. Should she scream, and risked being attacked, or keep quite and hope nothing happens? She screamed, like any good girl should!! 🙂

He might not have been aware of her, and this is when he fled. Luckily no one was barring his way, at that is usually when the issues arise. If he had found his way blocked, he might have resorted to violence!!

3) They weren’t aware of the attack next door, so I filled them in on the details.

Obviously they all wanted to know what would happen to him now, and I said I wasn’t sure, but that he had attacked a police woman, so I imagine he would go to jail, but not sure for how long and what the charges would be.

We had a cool braai, and I got a bottle of whiskey from our house, as I don’t drink beer or wine. we then all went to FTV afterwards, where Jason and Jason met us. Jason M had been drinking for about 9 hours already and was tickets, and vulgar, as could be expected, so I didn’t really introduce him to anyone, surprise surprise, and then we buggered off a little later as FTV was just crap!!

We headed through to Hemisphere and that was pretty sweet. We got Free VIP entry, thanks to someone who knew someone, always helps and it was pretty much rocking. I spent the rest of the eve chatting to the various students and they are a really cool bunch.

Got home around 04h after dropping the various members of my taxi ride off all over the place and then had to get up at 09h30 for Aikido at 10h30. I was buggered!!



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