Bom Dia Luanda – Day 2!!

So, last night actually got really wild, and even though I was in bed by 21h, I was wrecked! Barrie finished a whole bottle of Brandy, pretty much on his own, and Ashton got hammered! haha I woke up a few times during the night, due to being seriously hot, before I realised that I had an aircon unit in my room, which I then turned on to find out that this one is the shit! It works like you will not believe!! Great stuff. The next time, cause I had takkie mouth and had to get some water as I was tickets after the night before!

View from the house of a very entertaining Crossroads! 🙂

Day 2 - Morning

Today was tough . . . not really. I had a nice relaxed intro everything. 🙂

It started with the future handyman coming around to the house to see what needed to be done. From there it was off to BP premises at the De Beers Building which was interesting. I met all the players in one go, and was finally introduced to what I’ll really be doing. I must admit . . . quite intimidating actually. To see the relationships and understanding people already have with each other. To be coming in as the outsider, and having to take over. Well, the challenge is huge. The landscape is massive and the potential for growth is awesome, but so is the room for mistakes. But, I’ll take it as it comes, do my best, and then some. A very exciting time for both DD and myself.

After De Beers we cruised to a hardware store, got a few necessary items for the house, like a shower head and more, and then off to the “peninsula”, not too sure what it is called in Porra, but it was cool. We had lunch at a place Miami, just next to Cafe Del Mar, and judging by the pic, it was close enough! 🙂

A view from Miami:

Day 2 - Miami

After lunch we went shopping at Casa de Fresca, I think , and that was surreal. Think Woolworths in Luanda. Really! It is virtually the same. Just these prices are way off the scale. Some things are childishly expensive. A small box of Jungle Oats . . . . R70. Yes! R70 for a small box of Jungle Oats. Kellogg’s Corn Flakes, about R80. And that’s the normal size! Not the big one you get back home. Just stupid really. Yet a bottle of Johnny Black will put you back R250, which is virtually the same as in CPT, just about R30 more. So some things, quite close, others way off the mark!!

Then is it was home, and chilled for the rest of the day.

Then off to Restaurant Venezia. Man, the Steak on Rock, which is like a hotrock steak was awesome. About 600-800g of quality, seriously quality steak!! Man I was stuffed, and took home plenty still.

Well, another day done.



Easy Going Guy 😉