Sly’s Kinda Better – Luanda – Day 18

Well, Sly was feeling much better this morning, so he pulled through to work with me. Well, that was good to see. At least he was better and not worse, so obviously NOT Malaria. That’s a good thing! 🙂

Day 18 - Buildings

One of the many construction sites around Luanda. Please note the shortcut which even we used. The One Way No Entry. And you can’t turn right??? haha

I finally met Mohamed, one of the BP Southern Africa head honcho’s. Can’t remember what his exact title is again, but he’s pretty high up. He is based outta Cape Town, and comes up once a month. I’ve heard a lot about him, so it was nice to actually touch base eventually. Really good guy actually. He’s definitely got his work cut out for him up here I can tell you that. 🙂

Sly was not feeling great at lunch time. Really tired again, so I sent him home. He called the doctor to get his results, as he hadn’t been called yet, and was told that they came back fine. Weird, as something is definitely up. But, I suppose, who are we to know.

Around the same time I got a call from Neda looking for info for Bruno’s wife on ex-pat wives, or someone with local knowledge. She was telling me that in Nigeria they have a South African Wives Club, whereby they can get together and mingle and do what chicks do I suppose. Well, I wasn’t aware of any of that here, or anyone that I might be able to contact, as most of the ex-pat guys I knew in Luanda were on their ace. Their families were back home and they were pretty much here for the cash I reckon. I did however think of Maria and passed her details along as she would be the perfect contact. she knows where people shop, she is very connected, and can probably help her out if she needs to be.

Mo was quite concerned about Sly’s condition and even gave me a call that evening. I chatted to a few people about who was the best doctor and where to go for medical assistance. I even contacted the guys at Chevron to find out who they use. Nope, the SOS clinic was the one they all went too! GREAT! Well I guess ol Sly is off back to see the German Witch Doctor tomorrow morning then again! 😮

We weren’t particularly hungry, so dinner was pretty minimalistic that evening.



Easy Going Guy 😉