Ashton’s Birthday! – Luanda – Day 25

Okay, so 2 days ago I commented that is was Andre Van Schalkwyk’s Birthday. He said:”Yeah I Know!” Now how the hell could he know. Andre used to work with us in the DD Cape Town Office back in 2000 before becoming part of IS (Internet Solutions) and then going to join DD CH (Switzerland) in 2003, I think.

Day 25 - Wheel for One

One Wheel Business! Yes that is a car wheel! These guys rent their “delivery services” out to other people to deliver goods everywhere. Quite incredible.

I asked Ash how the hell he knew it was Andre’s Birthday, considering that not a hell of a lot of people had seen him in the last 8 years.

“We share a Birthday!” was his reply.

Ahh, okay that makes sense.

I decided that the house owed him a BDay, the benefits of being in charge of the house fund! 🙂 So we went to Veneza, his choice. I had the “Biffes na Pedra”, aka Steak on Rock, which was great. It is basically about 400 grams of raw meat and a piping hot slab of rock. You cook it yourself. This time I almost finished. I only left a tiny piece, but at R370 a pop, it had better be good! 😮

The way they pour drinks here in a restaurant will blow your mind. I ordered a “Gin e Tonic”. The glass arrived with ice and the waiter proceeded to fill 1/2 the glass with Gin, before I realised. By the time I stopped him I had 3/4 Gin, and 1/4 Tonic. Pretty mental. Hmm, that could be half the reason why I got sooo pissed last Friday actually! 🙂 So this time I sipped on my drink, and it lasted the evening. Clever man!

It was a really good dinner and we had 4 BP people join us, one of which was Ian, again, and Michael O’Brian, one of the others. The entire bill came to $350 with tip,and that was quite something, but I suppose pretty reasonable for about 7 people with drinks. It’s pretty sad when you can say a R 2 800 meal for 7 people is pretty good. 🙂

Oscar, our driver gave the rest a lift home after us.



Easy Going Guy 😉