Friday into the Weekend! – Luanda

Back in the Mix! Well, work was the same, but I am pretty fired up about what has to be done now. A few things have changed in my absence. We got another cabinet, so the area is now a bit cleaner, and less cluttered.

Day 2 - Another Braai

Another Weekend – Another Braai!

I have checked out our storeroom in the basement, and it is an absolute disaster. Boxes and old kit everywhere. That’s gonna be a project and a half cleaning up, but that’s on the cards for next weekend.

We grabbed a pizza on Fri eve, at rialto’s. My first pizza here in Luanda, and it was really good actually! Not too bad at all. I forgot my Reuteri/”Good Bacteria” tabs at home, well, I forgot to buy actually. And I guess I now know how well they work, as this morning . . . I had a case of the “Angolan Activity!” My tummy was not holding up well at all.

Saturday night was a decent braai at the house, after my 3-and-a-half hour shopping venture to Bellas Shopping Centre, as Palanca was out of bounds when we found out that the Police Headquarters had collapsed on Fri Evening. Reports varied, but stated that around 80 people were thought to be injured. Crazy. Bellas seems to have some pretty up-to-date movies on, and I guess that might have to be on the cards in a week or 2.

Sunday, chilled at home. The aircons got repaired, and that is cool :), as all but one are now working. Great. The repairs go on.



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  1. liz

    Another braai! Everyone wants to know what’s wrapped in the foil on the braai? On the subject of storerooms in the basement with boxes and old kit, I just checked under the bed in your Newlands room – talk about boxes and old kit, no wonder your Wynberg flat was so empty! When you’ve finished tidying the storeroom in Luanda you can sart on your room in Newlands when you are next in Cape Town!

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