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Blythe and Brad’s Braai! – Luanda – Day 12

So, Blythe and Brad have one sleep left. Blythe is the DD Project Manager at BP, and is responsible for all new projects from DD’s perspective. Brad is the A/V VC guy DD onsite (Audio/Visual Video Conference), and my one house mate. Well, both of them are looking really forward to getting outta here, even if it is only for a week for Brad. Blythe has 2 weeks leave. Lucky for him. Guess that’s what working in Luanda for an extended period does to you. 🙂

Day 12 - Satelites

Satellite City! Luanda’s Roof Top View!

Well, the braai was pretty good. Brad cooked, and Blythe supervised, as any good Project Manager would! And Sly and I just chatted about everything. Blythe however was a bit quick off the mark, especially with regards to the heat, and insisted we take the meat off early, which resulted in us putting it back on a few minutes more after we were half way through dinner! 🙂 Nice dude.

So, the satellite dishes are quite an interesting and amazing sight to me. Having grown up in South Africa, first Johannesburg then Cape Town, you never really saw satellite dishes there, unless they were on buildings, and even then not too many. Back in the day before DSTV it was a very uncommon site. If you had a dish back then it would typically be one the bigger ones, and that was a sure sign that you were absolutely loaded. Now days you see loads of smaller white dishes around as a lot of people have satellite reception and it is far more affordable. You still don’t see many big dishes around in South Africa, if any.

However in Luanda, you see loads of the small white dishes, but you also see hundreds of these bigger ones littering the skyline and roof tops of many a building. We have 2 fairly large ones behind us. It is just weird to think that what in South Africa is perceived as a luxury and a sign of wealth and elitism, is seen so commonly here. Whether the average person here is using the dish, or it is a communal one I am not too sure, but it is really interesting to see. And the funny thing, they all point in different directions. Obviously different services. We do get Multichoice/DSTV up here and also another provider called CaboTV, which runs a multitude of channels, quite a few from DSTV in fact, but others too, a lot in fact in Portuguese. Surprise Surprise!

Anyway, it was a good evening, and signified a good beginning of the end of the week. 🙂

Tomorrow is Friday . . . Yay!!



Easy Going Guy 😉

Friday = BRAAI – Luanda – Day 6!!

So today I worked from home as I had a meeting with Tonie and Barrie and it just made sense to stay here and not really have to bother about going to the office. Especially with the traffic as always. Shame though as Maria was on her own pretty much as Sly was off, on the FPSO, and I wasn’t there.

Sly has headed off to the FPSO to do a bit of work. Man, lucky bugger. The FPSO is an Offshore Floating Refinery. Think of an oil rig, just on a ship, and then a whole lot more. If any of you remember seeing that massive ship in Cape Town Harbour a few months ago that looked like a city at night due to being lit up like a christmas tree with loads of pirpes everywhere?? Well, that was an FPSO, and BP currently has the biggest in teh world, afaik, and it is a few hundred kms from where I sit right now. And Sly has just gone there! Man, green with envy!! I have given him my camera, so hopefully he’ll get a few decent shots for me. Hence the lack of pictures since yesterday. It does however mean I’ll be without camera this weekend. He reckons he’ll be back tomorrow, but after having heard Maria’s story about her visit, Bradley and myself have a bet going that he’ll only be back on Tuesday. 🙂

So Barrie and I went shopping at Casa dos Freshca (I think) and landed a massive bill for literally one trolley load of food. Man it was insane. A kilo of Fillet will set you back around R450!! We got a load of various meat, soft drinks and the usual party stuff. I can’t quite remember the final amount, but all I remember thinking is that I’ll never worry about over-spending on a braai back in Cape Town ever again.

Luckily for me I got my RPC over HTTP for Outlook working before I left Cape Town, and it has been a massive benefit ever since. It basically enables me to connect directly to the exchange sever in the office over the open Internet without having to use a VPN, or Outlook Web Access. And let me tell you, that’s a massive benefit.

Day 6 - Braai Time

Movement around the table – Dinner is served!

So, back to the braai . . . well, we were expecting quite a few people, a few of the big wigs from the BP DCT team, and then a couple of the ladies too, well so the lads said, as they have invited them. But actually, at the end of the day, Only Maria, with her husband, who doesn’t speak much Porra, and Nina pitched, along with Blythe on his own, as Ash left this morning.  It was an entertaining evening, with me getting a lesson from Nina in some local dance technique, but to me it was virtually the same as windsurfing (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sokkie in a way). So she was quite impressed that I was already fairly good. Well, I was just as suprised as I typically don’t windsurf. The fillet was awesome and the food turned out really well, thanks to Chef Barrie! There was plenty food left and the evening turned out just right. Probably a good thing the rest never turned up, as it was small and contained and really entertaining.

I let the team down and headed to bed early. Just been really tired the entire week, and think it must also have something to do with my chest (still having shit with my Asthma) and the aircons/heat difference. I have been really tired since arriving – which is probably due to the 2 hours sleep I got before leaving Cape Town, but man, it’s gonna take a while to get into the norm again. Weird as back in Cape Town I was managing fine on like 6 hours a night, if that.

Well, we have plans to get down to the Island tomorrow and then a bit of a party tomorrow night afterwards, so it should be a good weekend.



Easy Going Guy 😉