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What the F#ck??? – Really

So on my way home 2 days ago I came across this on the road next to me and I just had to get a picture!! I mean REALLY!!


1) Who the fuck in the first place BUYS a new-shape beetle?

2) A PUKE GREEN one at that?

3) BUYS a personalised number plate with “LINUX“?

4) And then puts a bike rack on there as to signify:

“Look at me, I’m really actually cool because I do get out and I’m NOT a geek! Really!!”

Seriously folks, if you wanna throw your name away, this is a really good start at doing it!! 🙂

A bit more done, but a True Techie’s job never is!

So, I have now spent most of the day completing the various options that need to be done, well, that I deemed necessary. So, let’s see,

1) Apache is now set-up, pretty much completely I must say. Only the default option is still set, but that I can change at any time. Just wondering what to do with it right now actually.

2) Webalizer is configured and working, I hope. Well, it works for the root path.

3) I have changed my style to Kubrick, now just need to figure out the Google AdSense bit to start syndication of the blog, and hopefully earn a bit of moola! 🙂

4) Google Analytics is enabled on the site, and I’ll have to check back tomorrow to make sure it is working okay.

5) Mail is still not yet done. 🙁 Haven’t had the time. Plus been mucking with Klippe Rivier’s site again, trying to get that sorted out. Well, it is sorted, though it would be nice to have a decent site. Have to chat to people about that.

6) SEO stuff for nunnsby.com still needs to be done.

7) Windows Live Writer installed and working on my office PC (blog now being done from it directly) which is just great as I can now compose offline and publish later! 🙂

Well, we’ll see what tomorrow brings us.



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