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Sly’s Sick! – Luanda – Day 17

So we got up and headed through to Sagrada Esperanca. It is a hospital located on the Ilha and this is where the SOS International clinic is. It took us ages to get there, close on an hour, due to traffic, which was crazy.

Day 17 - Traffic Lights - Luanda Style

Traffic Lights – Luanda Style!

There was no queue so we were in in a jiffy. The doctor there was another story. He started quizzing Sly and asking all sorts of questions, but not with very much understanding. He kept saying what’s wrong, and why are you acting so nervous. Man this was doing my friggin head in. Sylvester’s first language is not English, but rather Shona, as he is from Zim. The way he acts is cool, and very chilled, but at times he can probably become a bit tongue tied and maybe a bit intimdated and doesn’t get the point across as it should be. But, he’s still cool, and all good. The doctor kept saying why are acting like this, what’s wrong with him? I was getting the moer in now, but he’s the doctor, so I kept quiet. He got Sly up on the bed and did the Malaria test, which was negative. I never knew you could test it immediately, and now upon further investigation I see there are actually home testing kits available. That’s good to know. I might just get myself one. Well, the doc couldn’t understand it, and neither could we, so he also sent him for a blood test, and a blood count as a further precaution. He also prescribed a whole host of medication including Ibuprofen and Anti-Inflammatories. We left to go to the Lab, for the test and then to the dispensary. I was still pretty pissed off when we left, as the doctor was a serious muppet. I will definitely be staying away from him!

Well, we both headed back to the house, I had left my laptop there, and by the time we got home, it was about 10h45. Traffic was really heavy, and I made the call to work from home. I was expecting James to give me a call during the day to show them around, so it would be childish going to work, only to leave about 2 hours later. Sly went straight to bed, and I fired up the old laptop. Around 13h I got a call from James. He was finding out about the braai that eve. Hmmm, I had completely forgotten about that, but I hadn’t thought that we had actually agreed on a date yet. Thought we were going to plan it once they were here. Well, no worries that was fine by me. Sly was a bit better that afternoon, so we both shot off to Casa do Fresco to go shopping. We got a few steaks a couple of sausages, some chicken and then a few veggies.

James and the crew pulled through around 19h and I donned my apron again! 🙂 They bought a case of Heinekens and a few other things, including Ice Cream 🙂 and chocolate and all things good. We hit it with a really hot fire and waited for it to cool down a bit. I was chatting to Bruno outside and he was telling me it was gonna be a 3 year contract for him. Man, that’s a hell of a lot longer than my 1 year. Jeez, gotta make sure you make the right decision then wrt a move to Luanda. Pretty intense, but I reckon they’ll be making it well worth his while. Leopard wise! We got to chatting about Luanda, well my experiences thus far, and I don’t think ol’ Bruno’s wife, her name slips my mind, was too keen on the place. Just the feeling I was getting. It’s a serious sacrifice that I can really imagine is very intense if you are married. They were telling we they had been through to the Bellas Shopping Centre and really liked that and the Talatona area. Hmmm, I can see where this is going . . .

The braaiing didn’t go that well, as we hauled the meat off early as the flames were really hot, so I had to recook a whole lot of the meat again, well the chicken and the sausages. The steaks were perfect. Man they were good. Fresco’s definitely has the best meat. The food redone we got back into the meal and I as always finished last due to talking too much. As always. The Ice Cream was good too! At R80 a tub, it had better be. 😮

We finished up and got Oscar to give them a lift home. They had found accommodation at the Palm Hotel, well, the Palm Hotel’s owner’s son’s place that is. Right next door to the hotel. The hotel is located on Ilha, so it was a bit of a drive.

We headed to sleep too.



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