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Onasis Arrives – Eventually – Luanda – Day 23

Onasis calls today to let us know his flight has been delayed out JHB. He was on a 09h15 flight, and now they have disembarked the entire plane due to technical faults and now it is only due to take off around 12h30. That’s over 3 hours! In JHB International!! Sorry for him. Such is SAA I guess! 🙂

Day 23 - Teixeira Duarte

Teixeira Duarte’s Offices – They’re a big Portuguese construction company. Not surprising is it??

I had an incredible experience at work . . . a typical UK type experience, except it was in Luanda. But I suppose BP is a UK company, so it fits.

I cruise through to ask some guy a question. He’s in the division next to me. He’s a largish chap, and has his back to me, facing the window. I call his name as I approach. I don’t get a reply, and he appears to be on the phone. I don’t really take note, so I hang back a bit thinking he’s still busy. About a minute later I realise he isn’t. So I call his name again, and step up next to him. He remains quiet, I begin talking. A few seconds after I stop, I look down at him, and slowly he turns his head to face me. He looks at his watch, and then turns his head forward again, and closes his eyes. Not a word is said is to me. Not even a nod, or any form of recognition. I am left there wondering what the hell is going on when I realise . . . he is on lunch break! Nice huh. So he has a nap at his desk, in front of his computer, and ignores me completely, cause he is on lunch. No comment to me, or refrain asking me to come back later. Nothing! I had half a mind to ask him if he was okay, if everything was alright, to say loudly:

“Mate, are you sick or something?”

But I decided against it. Man, he would last like all of one day back in Cape Town! haha


Well, we met up with Onasis at the house later that evening, and Ash pulled through for a quick braai. No drinking this time that was for sure. Ok, lie, one drink, whiskey and water. Otherwise that was it! 🙂

Sly’s last sleep, and man was he happy!!



Easy Going Guy 😉