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WordPress has BROKEN all my Permalinks :(

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I recently upgraded my system, and shortly afterwards it appears that all my permalinks have broken.

I now get 404 permalinks errors for all pages outside of the front page! Not cool! 🙁

I tried changing the permalinks structure to a custom one and away from the index.php/%date%/%postname% I kept gettting, to just a /%date%/%postname%/ link structure, but then I discovered it was broken.

This is a bug in the latest version of WordPress, and appears it is quite wide spread. Just do a search for “wordpress permalinks error 404 index.php” and you’ll see. I have come across a bug trac for it: Error 404 with /index.php/%postname%/ permalink strucutre, but appears there is no official fix for it yet. There appears to be a few ad-hoc fixes, but nothing substantial. Hopefully they’ll have it fixed soon though.

I have reset my structure to default, so =?p…. So, if you have pages linked, please bear with me in the meantime!

Most frustrating!

After deleting the database and restoring it TWICE, along with removing the WordPress directory and re-installing it again and then having to recreate everything again, it has been an experience, and I have learnt loads more about Ubuntu and WordPress. Nice one.

Anyway, currently back in Cape Town, and it is pretty nippy compared to Luanda! Here till Sunday!



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Loving Life

– – – – Update – – – –

Just applied a new patch, which made it worse as in it didn’t display anything. Bummed. 🙁

A bit more done, but a True Techie’s job never is!

So, I have now spent most of the day completing the various options that need to be done, well, that I deemed necessary. So, let’s see,

1) Apache is now set-up, pretty much completely I must say. Only the default option is still set, but that I can change at any time. Just wondering what to do with it right now actually.

2) Webalizer is configured and working, I hope. Well, it works for the root path.

3) I have changed my style to Kubrick, now just need to figure out the Google AdSense bit to start syndication of the blog, and hopefully earn a bit of moola! 🙂

4) Google Analytics is enabled on the site, and I’ll have to check back tomorrow to make sure it is working okay.

5) Mail is still not yet done. 🙁 Haven’t had the time. Plus been mucking with Klippe Rivier’s site again, trying to get that sorted out. Well, it is sorted, though it would be nice to have a decent site. Have to chat to people about that.

6) SEO stuff for nunnsby.com still needs to be done.

7) Windows Live Writer installed and working on my office PC (blog now being done from it directly) which is just great as I can now compose offline and publish later! 🙂

Well, we’ll see what tomorrow brings us.



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Finally, Finally, FINALLY!!! UP AND RUNNING! :)

Yay, I finally got my site up and running on my own machine in our office. Running off an Ubuntu 7.10 Server, with the default LAMP install. I am pretty chuffed that this is now working I can tell you. Man, it took a while, and it was soooo much easier in XAMPP on Windows, but I required a challenge and wanted to learn something from scratch so that I could get this running and then understand how to admin it, and wanted it to use minimal resources too. Had to get my mate to help too thought as WordPress sure does some weird things to the database on install. Well the info it writes in there that is. Like IP Address and full directory paths, etc. That took a while to solve, and finally got to bed at like 01h00 last night. But Woo Hoo, it’s finally running so there! 🙂

 Well, this is now my first post, and I have a few planned still:

1) Get mail working – properly

2) Change the WordPress theme, and begin customising it.

3) Get analytics up and running

4) Think about mucking about with the Server build, as it is currently running off drive 2 of a 2 drive system. Drive 1 was for a Windows build that I was fiddling with.

5) Get Gallery2 running for picture serving and photo storage and I could really use the extra drive there then as that will take a lot I fear.

6) Get Dad’s site, tony.westby-nunn.com up and running, so he can start blogging and put the info on his business cards. Don’t tell mom! 🙂

 Anyway, back to do some work and more research



Easy Going Guy 😉