R 3 516.09 worth of Shocks!!!

Well, I just got my car back, and man, at R 3 516.09 worth of shock repairs, it was quite a shock!! Whoa, talk about steep. But having just driven it back from the repair shop, I must say that it is riding a lot better now! Man it’s is sweet. It was making a “pooof”, or actually more a “whoosh” sound everytime I went over a bump. It was bouncing like crazy in the front, even after old Hedley told me that it was soft, but it was okay for a while still. Yeah, well Hedley was probably trying to save me money, but literally scraping on every bump, well, that is a different story.

Well, it is now fixed, apart from one last thing that needs to be done tomorrow, and that’ll cost me an additional R 220. Man, vehicles. They are seriously expensive when it comes to it. I only just today found out that my car is actually costing me in the region of approx R 3 500 a month in repayments. There I was thinking it was a lot less, like R 2 500. Just goes to show what happens when you have a company car I guess. You kinda lose touch with the real world costs.

I didn’t have to get a taxi back, but instead got a lift with our driver Rowan. Cool, at least I was spared the taxi ride like last time, though I do kinda enjoy being at one with the rest of Cape Town’s festive people.

Well, back to SQL Server Express, Visual Web Developer and Access Databases, along with the usual office stuff that needs to be done.



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