A very quick day – Luanda – Day 9

So today was just weird. Last night Bradley went outside around 03h00 for a quick smoke, and he said it was surreal. There was no traffic anywhere. The entire was quiet. No cars on any of the roads. That’s just plain weird!

Today I went with Barrie through to the airport to see him off. It was really quick. We live only a few kms from the airport, but usually it takes you about 30 mins to get there at least. Typically we leave the house at 10h45 to get there by 11h30, but today it took us less than 10. Barrie was relieved, but in a way sad to be going I think. This has been his baby. He has developed and grown the environment here for the guys for close on the last 6 months I think and that is one hell of an achievement, so Hats Off To Him really! So in retrospect I think he was glad to be leaving. Back to the normality of Cape Town, along with his family, but at the same point in time, sad to be leaving a piece of yourself here too. Though I don;t think he is going to be missing the costs!!

Well, the traffic respite was short lived! My trip from the airport took me approx 45 minutes. Yet again, a journey of a few kms. Just insane. Back to “Canteen” for lunch with Bradley and Maria, and then a very interesting Safety presentation at work. BP are definitely their safety seriously that is for sure!

It was quite an experience, my first group session, and things definitely work differently here! The entire presentation was done in English, and I was quite surprised by this, but then again, I suppose this was put together in the UK, so it would make sense. I was definitely enlightened by the level of fluency of English in our division. A lot of people tend to indicate they don’t speak it, but they were all quite vocal at the meeting. Some very vocal, and pretty soon it had turned into a free for all, which was entertaining to sit back and watch. I mentioned one point to Blythe that I wanted to make, and he told me under no circumstances was I to even think of talking. Not that he was worried about my question, or representation, he didn’t want me to fuel the already raging fire! haha So a 15 page slide or so turned into a 1 hour presentation. Nice!!

Right now, I am shattered, and that would probably be due to the 02h30 time I went to sleep last night! And that was due to me mucking about with my wordpress blog site the entire evening!

Anyway, I’m off to get some zzzz’s.



Easy Going Guy 😉