Holy Shit – 101 Hits in one day!!

Okay, now that’s got nothing to do with Luanda, but man, that is seriously impressive. Not even I thought that I would get that many hits. In fact I didn’t even think I would get any hits. Okay, maybe a few, but not quite like this.

101 Hits

That means that my blog is even more popular than my parties! Hmmm, so, basically I guess that means that my “mates” find my experiences more interesting than my personality! Bummed Man! Like seriously bummed.

I’ll remember that next time I have a party. Instead of inviting my mates, I’ll just blog about what a great party it was instead! haha 🙂

Well, brief distraction over, back to the reality that is Luanda I guess! 😮



Easy Going Guy 😉

6 thoughts on “Holy Shit – 101 Hits in one day!!

  1. tonynunn@iafrica.com

    Hi Rich, Obviously you are enjoying yourself in Angola. Hope to hear more news from you in future. Your camera is great. The on board flash is crap. Am using an old fasioned flash that I borrowed which works fantastically, only problem it doesn’t adjust up – if you know what I mean. Pics from the camera are coming out great.

  2. The Big Boss

    I had a problem connecting that day. So I must have been on your blog about 50 times to read all our crap. The rest was Gavin and the rest was you updating your stuff. You only have 2 friends. Sorry…

    Its quite amazing though how inquisitive people are. But then again you did e-mail and facebook about 300 people to let them know.

  3. liz

    Well the 101 Hits to your website is certainly far cheaper than a party!

    Just noticed your Blogroll, what with the “Holy Shit” about the 101 Hits, perhaps it should be changed to Bogroll!


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