Worse than Malaria Pills! :) – Luanda – Day 21

Well, Ash arrived yesterday as you probably know from the day before, and man let me tell you . . . If anything kills me here, it’ll probably be my liver. NOT because of the Malaria Pills, but rather the Alcohol! And I’ll be blaming Ash for that! 🙂

Day 21 - Fixed (Luanda Style)

Fixed – Luanda Style!

My head was killing me this morning! Man, I haven’t had a headache that bad since being here. In fact not for a good few months to be honest. It appears I passed out on my bed, without the mozzie netting, and forgetting to take my mozzie pill. Courting with Danger I know. 🙁

I awoke at around 07h and couldn’t get back to sleep, no matter how hard I tried. It rained for about an hour at 08h, and I was expecting the leaks to start up again, but they didn’t, so it obviously wasn’t that hard. We then literally vegged the entire day. Sly was feeling much better, and wasn’t at all affected by night before’s entertainment. In fact it turned out to be another of those really hot and humid days, especially since the sun came out.

We got a call from Ash in the afternoon, asking if we were coming through to work, as we had made plans to get through there the night before. we declined the “offer” :), which he was pretty relieved at, as he could get a quiet one too then.

We just stayed in for the night, and I caught up on my blogging, and back dated all the posts I had missed during the week. So if you’re reading this one, you might want to check some of my previous posts too! Since about Sat last week! 🙂



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