Another Chilled Weekend – Luanda – Day 22

Well, it was a chilled day today. Just relaxed at the house again. Really hot though.

Day 22 - Spin

They have Spin!! 😉

Sly got some bad news about his kid in the morning. Apparently he had a really bad condition/fever too, just like Sly had. Weird man, really weird.

Well, the day petered out, and during the afternoon he got another call his kid appeared to be getting better.

Well, he had 2 days left so he was looking forward to getting home. Hopefully his kid would be okay.

We’ll find out tomorrow I guess.



Easy Going Guy 😉

One thought on “Another Chilled Weekend – Luanda – Day 22

  1. Earl Middleton

    Of course they have Spin….so say thank you Earl 😉 considering i run the logistics make ensure that the stock gets sent to Luanda. hahaha

    Looks like ur having fun mate, hopefully will come up and visit you soon

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