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This REALLY is the working life!! – Day 3

So, I arrived at work at 09h to begin yet another day. I was still waiting for my Flight Details and Visa stuff, and DD has been rather mum on this sort of info, trying to get down the processes I suppose. But, I was hoping to get it done today, as I had the time to do it. On arrival I decided to walk up to the 5th floor, as couldn’t be bothered to wait for another lift as there was already a queue of about 5 waiting for the next available. BAD mistake!! Man, I thought I was outta shape, this reconfirmed it entirely!! I was literally panting by the time I got to the 5th floor. Time to hit the gym in a big way before I leave I think.

I arrived on the 5th floor to discover Both Karlene and Esther having a chat at the lift, about to leave. I really needed to get the details from Karlene, who said she would have them for me this morning, but I immediately held back as I had to try and avoid Esther at this point in time, well, while she was with Karlene that was. You see, I had already told a little “white lie”, at Alan’s recommendation, to Esther regarding the fact that I was actually permanent and not temporary, in order to get a “proper” parking disc. He had said, “Whatever you do, don’t say you’re offsite. Tell here you are here, in the building, otherwise it’s a f#ck up!”

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