This REALLY is the working life!! – Day 3

So, I arrived at work at 09h to begin yet another day. I was still waiting for my Flight Details and Visa stuff, and DD has been rather mum on this sort of info, trying to get down the processes I suppose. But, I was hoping to get it done today, as I had the time to do it. On arrival I decided to walk up to the 5th floor, as couldn’t be bothered to wait for another lift as there was already a queue of about 5 waiting for the next available. BAD mistake!! Man, I thought I was outta shape, this reconfirmed it entirely!! I was literally panting by the time I got to the 5th floor. Time to hit the gym in a big way before I leave I think.

I arrived on the 5th floor to discover Both Karlene and Esther having a chat at the lift, about to leave. I really needed to get the details from Karlene, who said she would have them for me this morning, but I immediately held back as I had to try and avoid Esther at this point in time, well, while she was with Karlene that was. You see, I had already told a little “white lie”, at Alan’s recommendation, to Esther regarding the fact that I was actually permanent and not temporary, in order to get a “proper” parking disc. He had said, “Whatever you do, don’t say you’re offsite. Tell here you are here, in the building, otherwise it’s a f#ck up!”

So, you see, I couldn’t exactly go to Karlene at this point in time, and ask about my flight details, if she was having a huge conversation with Esther, otherwise I would land up probably being reprimanded for having lied about my status for the parking disc, as it would come out that I was not permanent as such. But I was instructed by senior management to state so, so I claim immunity on this! 🙂

So, since Karlene was out, I went through to the IT guys to find out how the hell to get my login and at least get on the network. I changed my Password on the spot, and then it magically worked, so note to self, for my purposes at least, it appears that you need to change your password, or make sure the change password at login is not selected for the first time web login. Anyway, that resolved, I could then at least get access to my webmail, but nothing on which to check it. I was told that my Laptop had been expedited, so that was cool, and that I should have it the next day! Great, but pity about the Mac! 😉

I hung around quite a while and eventually Karlene returned, but it was already too late to get the visa stuff done that day, so I grabbed what was necessary and headed off home. She would send me the details via email and I would print me e-ticket at mom’s offices.

Home around 13h. Sweet. Another day done! 🙂



Easy Going Guy 😉