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Holy Shit – 101 Hits in one day!!

Okay, now that’s got nothing to do with Luanda, but man, that is seriously impressive. Not even I thought that I would get that many hits. In fact I didn’t even think I would get any hits. Okay, maybe a few, but not quite like this.

101 Hits

That means that my blog is even more popular than my parties! Hmmm, so, basically I guess that means that my “mates” find my experiences more interesting than my personality! Bummed Man! Like seriously bummed.

I’ll remember that next time I have a party. Instead of inviting my mates, I’ll just blog about what a great party it was instead! haha 🙂

Well, brief distraction over, back to the reality that is Luanda I guess! 😮



Easy Going Guy 😉