I could REALLY get used to working like this!! – Day 2

Well, today was great once again. I arrived at the office at 09h and met Barrie Eksteen for a chat. Tonie is still in JHB, so we had a brief discussion about things and he kinda filled me in on what life in Angola was about! Well, from what it hears I will have my work cut-out for me, can’t wait, but it also sounds really exciting, just the sort of serious challenge I am looking for!! 🙂

After about an hour or so, I went walk about to see if I could speed up the process of getting a laptop and a login and all those good things. This was actually due to Karlene telling me she would send me mail on the system regarding my flights and that doesn’t help when you don’t have access.

I had had yesterday off to organise my Medical, but that went a bit pear shaped when I discovered that I actually needed forms from the BP FPSO team, and I didn’t have those. When I called up, I was told it was apublic holiday, and I should call back he next day to get the forms. Well, Barrie informed me that today was a holiday too, as it was Carnival Day, and he was pissed he was missing it. He had actually now missed a few good parties, MTV Beach parties and what not, so it sounds like Luanda is not ALL bad!! haha

So I cruised home around 11h30 after chatting to stores and finding out my Laptop is not yet ready. Hasn’t even been ordered in fact! Suprise, suprise!! 🙂 I then txted Alan requesting an Apple Powerbook. Hey, if they’re gonna spend like R20k or something ridiculous on a crappy HP, then they may as well give me a laptop that is cheaper, better and something that I like too. Right??? Wrong, it didn’t fly very well with ol’ TJ I can tell you that. His reply was not charmed personified!! Well, if you don’t try, you’ll never know!!

So, then I came back to Mom’s office, helped clean out a whole host of shit that was lef over to do, and carried on with life in general! Can;t wait for another day of his! 🙂



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  1. SuZ

    Hey! lol

    My HP is still going strong…I waited like 4ever to get an login and to get my password…

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